A Truck Driver's Job

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We have already heard a lot of things about a truck driving job. We already know that the demand for truck drivers is continuously increasing year by year. We are also aware that trucking companies offers competitive salary for their drivers and a lot more other benefits.  

Although truck driving job is very promising, an aspiring truck driver should also be ready to work away from their family for a number of weeks especially if they are driving long distance.  And lastly, we know that having a CDL training/license will be your pass to enter the trucking industry.

But, are you already aware of the job description of a professional truck driver? Do you already know what are the objectives, goals, duties and responsibilities of a truck driver? As a trucker, you should know these things in order for you to perform your duty well and better. Since you as a truck driver is carrying a huge vehicle loaded with valuable materials, then you must understand and know how to handle them safely.

One of the main objectives of a truck driver is to obtain a special license that will allow him to drive huge trucks, that's why it's his obligation to undergo a CDL training and pass the tests to get his license. Another objective is to be able to improve their driving skills by attending driving schools; to be able to deliver and transport their load in a most efficient and safe manner; to be able to keep truck log that is in conformity with the policies of the state. A truck driver should be aware of the rules and regulations with regards to the loads he's carrying and should transport his loads carefully to its destination and keep them in the best condition possible.

It is a truck driver's obligation to keep his truck and all the loads he's carrying safe and pass all the inspections along the way. He should secure and have all the permits that he will need to transport his goods. He should be able to keep track and records of all the items that he has to carry. He is required to put blocks and ties to hold the items and hold them in place and avoid falling that may cause harm to other people on the road.  He should be alert and focus while driving and ensure safety of his truck and his loads, this will also ensure not only his safety but the safety of other drivers as well. Safety practices will save lives.

A truck driver should also be versatile or can do multi tasking. Meaning, aside from driving, he should also be able to load and unload the items and do manual work if needed.  Sometimes, he is also responsible with the handling of the payment for the goods that he delivers. And lastly, after you have delivered the goods safe to its destination and got the payment, don't forget to let the customer /recipient sign a voucher that will serve as an evidence/proof that they have received the goods in good condition.

To sum it up, a truck driver is responsible in securing the licenses, permits, endorsements that he will need to transport his goods, and keep them safe all the time. It is his obligation to ensure the safety of his truck and his loads from the place of origin to its destination and secure proof from client that they have received the items in good condition. Being a truck driver is indeed a job that carries lots of responsibilities.

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A Truck Driver's Job

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This article was published on 2010/10/13