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Kenworth which has over 200 dealers nationwide has been building and selling quality commercial vehicles in the USA since 1923. Kenworth has a fine engineering pedigree and are now a major supplier of heavy and medium duty trucks.


Amongst their diverse range of quality vehicles, Kenworth is well known for their line of dump trucks supplying operators in diverse and demanding industries; from frozen wastelands to baking deserts, quarrying, logging, supporting the oil industry, mining and many other heavy-haul applications.


This line of heavy duty and rugged vehicles has been kept up to date with the latest in dump truck technology. From air ride comfort in the climate controlled and very automated cab, to the raw materials used in construction. Choosing alloys and steel that will be durable and cost effective is a primary aim in ensuring a quality and durable vehicle.


Matched Power and Load

A 15-liter, 650 horsepower engine is available to power single front axle weights of up to 40,000lb. Other configurations of axles throughout the chassis use the latest gearing technology and may bear a staggering 150,000lb max-weight on a single tandem axle. Load weights are consequently massive when using optimum axle configurations. Custom-tailored wheelbases keep owners within the law. Secondary rails are available to strengthen the chassis for the heavier-duty dump trucks. The load bearing capacity and power/axle configurations are carefully chosen by our engineers for optimal utility.


The Successful Framework of A Kenworth Dump Truck

The truck chassis' are built to withstand these tremendous axle loads and stresses; Kenworth have ensured that their chassis frames can withstand the most demanding lumber extraction or quarrying abuse, including high travel suspension for that hard to reach terrain.


Specialized design is applied to make sure Kenworth trucks are able to offer service under extreme conditions. These trucks must withstand repeated impacts resulting from loading mechanisms. They have the durability to make it through arctic and blistering equatorial desert weather.


The service intervals are kept as long as possible with a view to keeping the trucks earning money rather than sitting in the shop. Attention to detail in reliability and build quality helps to keep Kenworth trucks working 24/7, month after month at many locations worldwide.


Kenworth Dump Trucks Service

Servicing has been an important part of our overall dealer network for many years and qualified personnel are always available to address any client needs. In fact service is the name of our game, and a Kenworth dump truck will give plenty of that.

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About Kenworth Dump Trucks

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This article was published on 2010/06/17