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Advertising is an organic industry that has continued to evolve over the years. From town criers and posters pasted on the walls, advertising has adapted to every modern technology there is. The advertisement, or the selling message, must always reach the target market, wherever they are, urging them to respond to the product better. Once upon a time modern advertising was confined to the home—where the target consumer will be sitting in front of the television set or leafing through a periodical—but as more and more people are spending their time out of the home, advertising must follow suit. Vehicle wraps, especially truck wraps, are growing increasingly popular among the advertisers and creative agencies because they are a form of billboard advertising on wheels.

Truck wraps are ideal mobile billboards because they are large enough to be seen even from a huge distance. And if there are words that accompany the advertising layout, the target market will not find difficulty reading them. Truck wraps are a lot cheaper compared to the traditional billboard, which will remain rooted in one spot for the whole time the advertiser is renting it out.

Compared to other forms of vehicle wraps, truck wraps are a lot easier to apply because the body of the truck is typically flat. Aside from being flat, truck cabins are also usually rectangular in shape—which is also the shape of most print ads and billboards. This means that the advertiser will not need to produce an entirely new ad material; they will just need to resize some of the existing ads to keep all the promotional materials cohesive. Thanks to modern printing technology, printing on weatherproof vinyl sheets is both easy and cheap—making truck wraps a practical and efficient way to get an advertiser’s message where the target market can see it.

The benefits of truck wraps are not limited to the advertisers or the convenience of creative agencies that produce the ad materials. People who are interested in the vehicle wraps business will also find this as a lucrative enterprise. Although renting a wrapped truck is not as expensive as buying airtime, newspaper space, or renting billboard space, the transition from one advertisement to the next one is relatively easy and inexpensive. Plus, surveys and studies have proven that truck wraps rake more sales and brand recall compared to stationary billboards, so advertisers will definitely be using more of this mobile billboard form.


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Advertising with Truck Wraps

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Advertising with Truck Wraps

This article was published on 2011/07/26