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Despite of being “mini”, mini cranes are entitled to do not only the small things but small parts of big things. They might be limited when it comes to building big structures and lifting way too far heavy equipments but they can climb up to the highest part of it to complete the structure being built.

Big cranes are in charge to building structures while mini cranes are in charge in doing the finishing. Tasks like doing the installation and mounting of glass walls and putting big sized furniture.

Mini cranes do have limited operating capacity. Low general load weighting capacity, the dimensions are more compact, lower headroom and the can lift up to 8 tons. Its small dimension makes it perfect when operating in enclosed locations.

One advantage when using mini cranes is that they can be used for in-house operations. There are mini cranes that are engineered with vacuum technology. This vacuum technology can be found on multi-legged cranes also called crawlers. Each leg has a suction cup that will be used to vacuum wide sized glasses. They will then be used to carry the glasses for installation and can also flip and turn the material being carried at a specific rotational way.

Mini fork lift cranes are commonly seen at airport and used to transfer package boxes for convenient and easy transportation. These cranes can also be seen and used on other in-house functionalities. It is easily operated because of its maneuverability. Being small makes it easy for the operator to pass through small doors. These can be used on plain surfaces to carry loads.

Pick and carry mini cranes are also available. It can stay on a plain surface but it can still pick loads from the rough surfaced area and transfer it to another rough surfaced or plain surfaced areas. Its boom can swing on limited directions and has limitation on the weight it can load. This one has an attached hoist ring that enables it to tilt.  

There are mini cranes that can be customized when orders from the manufacturer. This is applicable if there is no available mini crane that can handle a specific task. Terms and conditions may apply on transactions like this.

Mini cranes can do special jobs that no human can do or can hardly do. They are engineered at a specific way that even big cranes and obviously big cranes cannot do.


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Heights for Mini Cranes

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Heights for Mini Cranes

This article was published on 2011/08/25