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Nerf bars are bent tubes that serve as adornments to vehicles. They may be side steps, step bars, or tube steps... More than a styling accessory, these help you get in and out of your truck.


When going home after a tiring day at work or after an exciting night at a hip club downtown, these bars would give you the much-needed boost to your tired legs. Essentially, these offer the following advantages:


- Extra boost when climbing in and out of your car. If you yourself require a sturdy stepping board to climb in and out of your truck, just think of the children and older passengers that will hitch a ride with you. Surely, they would require something to step into to get in your car safely and easily. Therefore, whether you own a sedan or a monstrous truck, a Nerf bar would be a welcome addition to your ride.


- Stable and safe step in any weather condition. If roads are slippery when wet, much more when hopping in your car. So, if your shoes or slippers are scraped too much and causing you to loose footing on wet roads, it will ensure you do not slip or get out balanced when stepping in and out your ride. These are designed with all-weather pads with grooved design to keep water away from the step board. Therefore, even if it is scorching hot outside with no sign of wet surfaces anywhere, but due to unexplained circumstances, you accidentally stepped in a puddle of water, you will still get a grip on climbing into your truck with your heavy-duty Nerf bar.


- Heavy-duty function for long lasting service life. Many of the Nerf bars available today are made from heavy-duty, thick walled steel tubes. Stainless steel or carbon steel is used in the construction for guaranteed strength and durability. The all-weather step pads are strongly put in place with heavy-duty adhesive to ensure they hold for a long time. If you need to wipe your feet before getting inside your truck, these treaded pads will knock off mud from your shoes before it messes your carpet.


- Various shapes and finishes for added rugged appearance to your truck. Truck Nerf bars are available in chrome, black powder coat, or polished stainless finish. They also come in varied sizes such as oval and wheel-to-wheel. Most of these are easy to install, bolting on to existing holes in your car's body.


Installed properly, a seemingly simple item will bring your mean driving machine to new heights. So, if style and safety is a priority to you, then invest on a heavy-duty one now.

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Truck Nerf Bars

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This article was published on 2010/09/30